Twitch does charity. The video game distribution platform aims to facilitate fundraising, which is often started by streamers. With the new option you can help a club of your choice. We explain it to you.

Social media philanthropy is still relevant. After Instagram, where you can display fundraisers for an association on your own profile, it is now Twitch’s turn to get into the solidarity business. The video game distribution platform just unveiled its new “Charity” option, which allows you to set up a stream to more easily collect donations on the platform.

Launched with a handful of users on Twitch, the feature initially offers a limited list of associations, but it should grow in the coming weeks.

How it works?

Available in a new tab, Charity aims to facilitate the launch of a show aimed at raising funds for a good cause by centralizing tasks to make the process more transparent and, importantly, less complex than before shape. Users can activate the functionality “with a few clicks”, select the association of their choice and enter the amount to be reached. “All donations are tracked in your activity feed to meet the goal you set for yourself,” the platform explained.

Above all, the option makes transactions more transparent and uncomplicated. By activating the “Charity” mode, internet users can discover a new “Donate to Charity” button, which is visible directly in the broadcast. Donations go directly through PayPal Giving Fund, which will refund amounts after deducting payment processing fees.

Twitch reminds that the platform does not charge commission on these fundraisers. A real time saver for creatives as the fundraising process remained complicated to manage. Between making the pledges and paying the amounts, the creators then had to find ways to collect the donations, either through another platform or through invoices showing the donation, or directly by donating the money received from the subscribers. .

Streams devoted to raising money for charities are commonplace on Twitch. The Z-Event, which aims to raise funds for a different association each year, has raised more than €21 million since its inception in 2016. Opération Enfant Soleil in Quebec is hosting the Play to Heal event, which will raise funds through popular streamers on Twitch.


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