iFixit offers the disassembly of the new MacBook Air M2, while revealing to us the elements present in the machine.

Apple MacBook Air M2 cable
The MagSafe power cable now fits the Apple MacBook Air // Source: FRANDROID – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

That’s it, the MacBook Air M2 is finally in the hands of the public, and a first teardown from iFixit reveals a few things we didn’t previously know about.

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At the component level, we already knew that the 256GB version of the MacBook Air M2 only uses a single NAND chip for storage. This limits the speed of the SSD, which can then be up to 50% slower than other models.

This MacBook Air M2 also packs other components like a Thunderbolt 3 driver, a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi USI chip, and surprisingly, an accelerometer. Why an accelerometer? We’ll have to learn it one day.

Apple trusts its system temperature

In terms of cooling, this disassembly does not reveal the presence of a heatsink, which could partly explain the higher temperatures detected on the machine. According to iFixit, the body of this new MacBook Air is lighter than the previous one. Apple may have wanted to keep the device’s weight down by not integrating an additional cooling solution, even if this results in a faster RPM drop.

This lack of passive cooling can cause it to lose performance over time, and this is true of the MacBook Pro M2, which includes a fan. Thanks to this, it receives benefits in multi-core up to 25% higher on sustained tasks.

A MacBook with a larger, slightly easier to repair battery

This MacBook Air seems to help a little more with the repair because, like the MacBook Air M1, it includes adhesive strips to easily remove the battery from the case. The capacity of the latter increases from 49.9 Wh for the MacBook Air M1 to 52.6 Wh for the MacBook Air M2, allowing to reach the advertised autonomy.

The ports on this MacBook also don’t appear to have been glued and are easily swapped out while disassembled, including the MagSafe port, headphone jack, and two USB-C ports. Likewise, the Touch ID button is easily removable, making this PC a bit more flexible.

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