Samsung develops 200 megapixel photo sensors that are used by other smartphone manufacturers. But the Korean brand would keep a new sensor for its future Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung’s future 200-megapixel photo sensor would be reserved for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, at least initially. The Korean manufacturer wants to hit hard with a third-generation sensor.

Samsung isn’t on its first 200-megapixel sensor

In September 2021, Samsung announced its 200 megapixel ISOCELL HP1 photo sensor. The first smartphone equipped with it will appear soon, and it’s not a phone from the Korean manufacturer. The Motorola Edge X30, which will soon be on the market in China, will benefit from this in particular. We may see it arrive in our country as the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.

The sensor in question allows the creation of photos of 50 megapixels by grouping 4 pixels into 1 thanks to the process Pixel binningor 12.5 megapixel recordings by grouping 16 pixels into 1. This process, called Tetra2pixel at Samsung allows you to get brighter photos for better viewing in the dark.

Photo sensor Samsung 200 megapixels
50MP photo taken with the 200MP Samsung HP1 sensor – © Weibo

A first photo taken by the Motorola Edge X30’s HP1 sensor has been published on the web. The snapshot we took under ideal conditions is extremely detailed and gives a first glimpse of the sensor’s capabilities.

But just nine months after the launch of the HP1, Samsung announced its new ISOCELL HP3 sensor in June 2022. With this new sensor, Samsung promises to reduce the size by 20% while significantly improving the quality. If we don’t yet know which smartphone will benefit first, it wouldn’t be the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A new sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Corresponding ice universea leak Always well informed, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be well equipped with a 200 megapixel sensor, but the Korean manufacturer has not yet announced the latter. This would be a step up from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a 108-megapixel sensor.

Samsung Galaxys have long been known for the quality of the photos they can take. But the competition in this area is fierce. We think in particular of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Google Pixel 6 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, which take excellent photos.

Besides that unique 200-megapixel sensor, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could do without an Exynos processor in favor of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen2. A 40-megapixel selfie camera was also discussed. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra should also put the packaging on the photo.

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