Amid the growing pains, Netflix has decided to break one of its major taboos by offering discounted deals with ads powered by Microsoft through a recently announced partnership. The SVOD platform promises that these ads will be integrated into the content and protect the privacy of their subscribers.

Netflix is ​​experiencing a growth slump for the first time in its history, with its subscriber numbers declining. In order to increase its profitability, the SVOD service has decided to look for account sharing.

Microsoft takes care of advertising on Netflix

Most importantly, Netflix confirmed a burgeoning rumor at the end of June 2022: to boost its revenues, the platform will offer a new subscription mode at a discounted price but with advertising. However, the lack of advertising has been one of the foundations on which the platform has built its history and reputation.

On July 14, 2022, the SVOD service announced a partnership with Microsoft, which will be responsible for integrating advertising into Netflix’s new offerings. “Microsoft has demonstrated its ability to support all advertising specifications as we work together to create a new ad-supported offering.”She defends the platform.

It remains to be seen what form this advertising will take. Upon signing the contract with Microsoft, Netflix announced that the Redmont-based giant had offered it guarantees of innovation “about advertising technology and sales method” everything in it Preserving the privacy of members.

What will advertising look like on the SVOD platform?

At the time of formalizing this future new offer with advertising, Netflix had also mentioned advertising content before the films and series, but integrated it into the programs as much as possible.

The whole thing remains pretty mysterious, but it seems that Netflix has no intention of using the personal information the platform has about its users for targeted advertising (although it does so to recommend content to them).

One can imagine that Netflix could develop partnerships between a flagship program and a brand, allowing the latter to offer commercials that wouldn’t completely break the immersion of a series. In any case, this corresponds to what the SVOD platform wants to offer “A premium experience for advertising partners as linear TV”.

Answer in a few weeks…

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