Gaming News GTA 6: After a massive leak case, concrete information was accidentally revealed?

GTA 6 is the game of all rumours, all fantasies. Almost 9 years after the release of GTA V, which continues to be sold by the pallet, players are on the lookout for the tiniest bit of information, the tiniest sign of Rockstar.

Great expectations, fake leaks and absolute discretion from Rockstar

But the developer/publisher, true to form, remains extremely mysterious. Do you just sometimes get a statement that work is in progress or an article by Jason Schreier that says that development is progressing well but that the end is still far away. It is therefore difficult for players to know where the project is, who will be released in any case. more than 10 years after GTA V.

What speaks most to the anticipation generated by the next Grand Theft Auto is the excitement surrounding this alleged leak of more than 120 pages, in which many features were detailed, the characters, the world, the scenario, in short, everything was there. Few people seriously believed in all of these things, but of course a broken watch tells the right time twice a day. However, This document has been circulating for many daysforwarded by the most enthusiastic gamers who aren’t necessarily unfamiliar with rock star habits or information verification.

Lively debates were therefore held on Reddt or ResetErabefore Jason Schreier, a well-known Kotaku and now Bloomberg journalist, took to Reddit to let everyone know that this document was fan fiction. He took the opportunity to give important information and without saying too much that thethe idea of ​​a threesome wasn’t part of the plans by Rockstar for GTA VI.

The dubbing is already being recorded?

Recently, however, a new leak came to shake up the community. sure you know but LinkedIn resumes and those of voice actors are often an interesting source of information. So when a voice actress’ resume changes overnight and the mention of rock star comes up, everyone listens. In the current case, This is Natalia Monet’s CVTheater, variety and dubbing actress who interests us.

On July 17th, the GTA 6 News & Leak account, which lists everything that can happen about the game, stumbles upon Natonia Monet’s resume, which has been put together online. By using the Wayback Machine, which allows you to find old pages and all changes, It appears that a line has been deleted. This would have recently embodied a certain Tamara for one Project called Fireball Video Game.

The developer associated with this project? Rockstar Games. For the twitter account sure, This is the code name of GTA VI. Considering the time that has passed since the launch of GTA V, it’s not impossible that voice recording has started. But as always We pull out our nicest tweezersand we remain very cautious with this information.

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