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Developer Bungie announces it will sue a player for his “toxic” behavior and is seeking $150,000 in damages.

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The developer of the famous game Destiny 2 would accuse Luca Leone of regularly breaking the rules, but also of harassing an employee through stalking and threats.

According to media outlet Kotaku, the company has filed a lawsuit in US Court for the District of Washington against the alleged gamer for his toxic actions, including use of cheat software, stolen accounts, and harassment by community manager Dylan Gafner.

Indeed, a Luca Leone Twitter account allegedly tweeted a threatening message showing a community manager employee’s badge, Dylan Gafner said “dmg04” on Twitter, writing:

Just realized I’ll be moving to a place 30 minutes from dmg

he is not sure

Screenshot: Tokaku/Twitter

The suspect is said to have repeatedly threatened to set fire to the Bungie Studios headquarters “Keep the doors locked”. Disturbing messages that have not gone unnoticed.

harassment too much

This reflects the recent harassment the studio has suffered from for a while. In fact, the company had already communicated about the toxicity of certain fans. A toxicity that will affect communication with the community in the future.

Starting with a simple information about the Twilight Garrison armor which would not return in Destiny 2. This information is not to the liking of some players who saw this particular armor in the sequel to the first Destiny. Community manager Dylan Gafner was quick to respond on Twitter:

I dream of a day when video game developers (no matter what studio) can openly discuss their work without being harassed.

Many in the comments say they do not tolerate harassment. I hope they will object too if they find out that friends or family members enjoy it.

As well as senior game designer Tom Farnsworth:

Game developers at Bungie make decisions based on the overall health of the game. It’s the job of game designers to balance the needs of the many against the wants of the few. Of course, constructive feedback is part of it, but we do not tolerate abuse..

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