La Ps5 A Déjà Son Premier Ssd Officiel, Les Autres

The PlayStation 5 has seen a huge leap in performance over the previous generation. There are many factors that go into improving the graphics and performance of this console. One of the most important components of the PS5 is the NVMe SSD. Unlike previous generations that used mechanical drives, these drives allow for near-instantaneous reads and writes, virtually eliminating load times. Thankfully, Sony included an extra port in our console, allowing us to expand storage without sacrificing performance. Now we already have the first SSDs for the PS5 that carry the official Sony seal.

The WD Black SN850 will be the first official SSD for PS5

If you have a PlayStation 5 and already have a good collection of games in digital format, you may have storage issues. The PS5’s main storage unit cannot be removed, but we can expand the console’s capacity in other ways. And the best method is to plug an NVMe SSD into the appropriate slot, which is located under the computer case.

Long ago, Western Digital Black SN850 SSDs were positioned as the best alternative to expand PS5 storage. These drives are sold in 1TB and 2TB sizes and plug into the M.2 expansion slot. On the performance side, they are capable of reaching 7,000 MB/s in sequential reads and 6,300 MB/s in writes of the same type.

In addition to the specifications that fully meet the requirements to use the PS5 expansion slot, this model has its own heat sink so that it does not collide with the console cover. Now that this disc has been on the market for several months, Sony has given Western Digital the official license, indicating that the brand supports the product so that we can place it on our consoles.

Can other discs be used?

SSD drives

Just because Sony stamped the WD model doesn’t mean we can’t use a different model in our console. On Sony’s official website we can see the specifications that a storage unit must have to be compatible with the PlayStation 5. They are as follows:

  • Interface: PCI-Express Gen4x4 compatible with M.2 NVMe SSD (M-Key)
  • Capacity: The PS5 supports drives from 250 GB up to a maximum of 4 TB.
  • Format: Drives with NVMe interface have assigned numbers that are used to identify the size of the circuit board. On consoles, this information is very important because if we put a bigger one, it won’t fit in the space allotted. For PS5 we can use 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110 size discs.
  • Size: Although it’s clear with the form factor, you can add a heatsink to the SSD so the heat doesn’t affect its performance. For this reason, Sony also specifies the limits of the plate and heat sink assembly. They are:
    • Width: up to 25 mm.
    • Length: from 30 to 110 mm.
    • Thickness: up to 11.25mm (up to 8mm from top plate and up to 2.45mm from bottom plate).
  • Sequential read speed: Sony recommends 5500 MB/s or higher. Write speed doesn’t matter.
  • Connector type: connector 3 (key M).

With this data, all you have to do is check that the model you intend to use meets all these requirements before connecting it to your PS5.

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