Google files a complaint against the match group that publishes Tinder. The company wants to avoid paying Play Store commissions for microtransactions. The case follows another in which Match Group has filed a lawsuit against Google to avoid using the Play Store’s payment service.

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Google is fighting Match Group for damages and a judgment that would allow it to ban Tinder and the group’s other dating apps from its Play Store.

One case has already been settled, but Google wants to go further

As Engadget recalls that earlier this year, Match filed a lawsuit against Google for violating antitrust laws. Google had asked developers of Android apps to withdraw payments from ” digital goods and servicesthrough the Play Store billing system.

A case that ended in May with a legal agreement temporarily allowing Match apps to remain downloadable on the Play Store and use its own payment system, Google wanted to show. sincerity On the other hand, Match was forced to offer Google’s billing system as an alternative. The story could have ended there, but Alphabet, Google’s parent company, wants to go further.

Tinder wants to stop paying Play Store commissions, according to Google

Alphabet now claims to have looked at a court file Bloomberg which Match Group wants to pay” Nothing at all google. This includes the Play Store commission fee of 15-30% for microtransactions. Google states in this document that “ Match Group never intended to comply with the agreed contract terms (…), this would also put Match Group in an advantageous position compared to other app developers“.

Tinder on an iPhone
Tinder on an iPhone // Source: Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

In response, Match Group said Bloombergthat the rules of the Play Store violate federal and state laws. He adds that “Google doesn’t want anyone else to sue them, so their counterclaims are meant as a warning shot“.

Tinder’s parent company is confident

The company says it is confident of resolving this counterattack.Along with other developers, the US Department of Justice and 37 Attorneys General are making similar demands“.

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Last year, an antitrust lawsuit was filed by these actors against Google and its Play Store prices. A move that came after Google reduced its commission on mobile app payments to 15% on the first million dollars and then 30% over that. Also in question is the fact that the web giant wants to force developers to go through its payment system.

Finally,exit gadgetstated that at the beginning of the yearA Senate bill was introduced targeting in-app payments in Google and Apple stores“. This is reminiscent of the case where Epic Games started withdrawingFourteen daysof the Play Store and the App Store, with a lawsuit against Apple.

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