For example, “comedian and actor Julien Lacroix was forced to cancel the event to mark his two-year sobriety” after receiving “serious threats” against members of his family.

The People’s Court won. Lacroix, the target of allegations of assault and sexual misconduct but who has not been prosecuted, criminally or civilly, has been sentenced to silence.

Nice tolerant society!


I jumped while reading The duty : “The great return of Julien Lacroix to the stage will not take place”. Um…we talked about recording a podcast in front of 25 people in a small warehouse and donating the proceeds to youth drug and alcohol prevention organizations. Not exactly a “big comeback” when it comes to fireworks.

A demonstration was also planned. Are there really people who organized a protest because a guy who was never tried decided to do a question and answer session in front of 25 people to celebrate his two years of sobriety? misery !

“I don’t want a high-tension night where people who bought tickets risk being confronted,” Lacroix wrote on Facebook.

At some point we will have to acknowledge that there is a vengeful, morose, bitter feminism in Quebec. A police feminism investigating, judging and condemning from the heights of its self-appointed tribunal.

Baton feminists who smack the fingers of the men (or women) they blacklisted for daring to deviate from the line they drew.


I recently had a conversation with a high profile young feminist. We talked about the “return” of Maripier Morin starring Arlette (also in competition at the Angoulême Festival). In his eyes, the actress shouldn’t even have been called to auditions. I was amazed at this intransigence.

This witch-hunt vibe reminded me of an interview published in June in the Elle Quebecwith Monia Chokri, the director of baby-sitter.

She talks about her “guilty admiration” for Claude Jutra, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, “the great trilogy of perpetrators”, she says “not without irony”.

Chokri claims to have found a solution to the artwork/artist dilemma.

“To come to terms with all of this, I decided to wait until they were dead to consume their work. When you’re a victim and you see the abuser being praised, worshiped, put on a pedestal, that’s extremely violent,” she confided Elle Quebec.

“I no longer want to issue tickets to people who have committed abuse. I no longer want to empower them while their victims are silenced. »

Except that :

1 – Jutra is already dead;

2 – Two independent investigations have exonerated Woody Allen and…

3 – the only proven victim of Polanski is not silent, she asked that we turn the page of her story.

Samantha Geimer, who was raped by Polanski in 1977 when she was just 13, even admitted in an interview two years ago slate “A victim has the right to put the past behind them, and a perpetrator also has the right to redeem themselves and redeem themselves, especially if they have admitted wrongdoing and apologized.”

It seems to me that we should think deeply about this phrase.

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