To everyone’s surprise, Nintendo has revealed the first images in the last few hours Kirby’s Dream Buffetexpected on Switch this summer.

More discreet than Mario or Zelda, Kirby is nonetheless one of the most emblematic characters in Nintendo’s rich history. Thirty years after its first appearance in Kirby’s Dreamland, the adorable but powerful pink ball, is at the forefront of a huge franchise that has accumulated thirty games and sold more than 38 million copies worldwide. Last March, fans could also discover Kirby and the forgotten worlda refreshing opus that emphasizes open worlds.

Who will be the most greedy to claim victory?

And the least we can say is that Kirby seems to have taken a liking to the Nintendo Switch (which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year) as she’s already gearing up for its return. This summer it will actually be possible to discover Kirby’s Dream Buffet, a title that will include its share of food-themed obstacle courses to race down both in local multiplayer and online. Available exclusively on Nintendo eShop for Switch, Kirby’s Dream Buffet will see a bevy of Kirby’s race as they roll around food-themed racetracks in four-lap contests.

Each round, each Kirby must gobble up the largest possible number of strawberries to better shake up his competitors, or even get his hands on powers (called “Power Snacks”) that will help him snag a few spots on the leaderboard, taste them joys of victory. The title was barely announced, many netizens didn’t hesitate to compare it to one of the most popular games of the moment: fall guys. However, the title seems to be inspired by games as well Kirby’s Tilt’n Tumble or mini game Gourmet Race from Kirby Superstar.

New revelations about the game shouldn’t be long in coming

Sure it is Kirby’s Dream Buffet promises to keep players entertained by stimulating a bit of competition between friends. To take full advantage of this title and these gluttony-themed worlds, Nintendo will go further and offer gear. The My Nintendo Store sells a carrying case and Switch controller in Kirby’s colors. We currently don’t know more about these mysterious special abilities, but Nintendo promises to reveal more about the game in the coming weeks.

Regarding the release, the title is announced for the summer, but again we have to wait to know the exact date. After the great adventure of Forgotten worldNintendo knows how to celebrate the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favorite Kirby.

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