If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use antivirus for your Windows PC, you’ll find it here Internet Security 360. The peculiarity of this free internet security suite is that it includes multiple antivirus engines. Its triple antivirus engine protects your system from all kinds of the latest malicious threats. It claims to quickly detect various viruses and remove them quickly. It offers real-time protection with these multiple antivirus engines. It also secures your internet browsing sessions, protecting your online privacy.

360 Total security



360 Internet Security for PC Windows

360 Internet Security uses three engines viz 360 checksum based cloud engine, Cloud QVM machine learning engineand Local BitDefender engine. 360 Internet Security demonstrates its effectiveness by proactively warning users when suspicious programs attempt to access critical areas such as startup programs, system settings, system registries, and system directories.

When 360 Internet Security is active on your PC, it blocks phishing sites, malicious downloads and unauthorized keyloggers. It also works against webcam access programs that can steal your personal information.

Key Features of 360 Internet Security Antivirus

  1. It is built with several scan engines: With three types of scan engines, 360 Internet Security provides fast detection of security threats to your system.
  2. It offers real-time protection: It prevents malware from being installed on your system with real-time protection. Real-time alerts also help avoid malware threats while browsing the web.
  3. It offers URL protection: It also protects against online phishing.
  4. It offers complete protection of your privacy: Some dangerous malware and viruses try to access your private information from your system. 360 Internet Security alerts you when malware or a malicious application tries to access this important information.
  5. Detects threats before files are downloaded: The best thing about this security program is that it informs the user whether the file is safe or not before downloading the file.
  6. Provides security during an online transaction: With 360 Internet Security, online banking transactions are safe. Its triple scan engine protects your transaction usernames and passwords from malware. Plus, anti-keylogger and webcam protection helps block malware trying to access your private information.

360 Internet Security was developed in China. You might want to consider an option if you are looking for free internet security software because it offers all the services that we look for in such security software.

You can download it from his Home page. You’ll see two free plans – 360 Total Security Essential and 360 Total Security.

Give us your feedback if you consider using it.

Is Microsoft Defender Antivirus free?

Microsoft offers Defender as free security software in the name of Windows Security. It is completely free and comes pre-installed when you install Windows. It is also possible to disable it and install other security software. While the software is good enough for regular use, you can always choose something else if you need more.

Do I need a firewall on a Windows PC?

Yes, a firewall is essential and should be in place to provide basic operating system protection. Windows has an integrated firewall that provides the necessary security for the operating system. You can also configure more according to your needs to add new rules and exceptions.

360 Total security

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