A 37-year-old teacher succumbs – not without resistance – to the charms of a student 20 years her junior, causing a family crisis and her brutal fall that leads her to prison.

This is the backstory of Chouchou, the new drama series directed by Simon Boulerice, which is wrapping up filming in the Montreal area these days.

Although Chanelle “Chouchou” Chouinard’s gesture is condemned for taking on a position of authority, her interpreter, actress Evelyne Brochu, identified with her from the start.

“She’s an ordinary person, a woman who looks like me. I tell myself that the more I look for her within myself, the more we can identify with her. And that’s going to be interesting: how someone like us rocks. My job was more to look for ways within myself that would make it possible for me,” she said.

The series has multiple arcs, from the encounter of the two protagonists to dazzling love, through danger, breakdown and rebuilding. “It’s all in eight episodes, so it doesn’t get flat,” laughed the actress, who met her on set at a Laval high school.

Evelyne Brochu, who was also filming her final scenes of the second season of “Paris Police 1900” in France at the same time, states that her character in “Chouchou” tries “very, very hard” to resist the charms of her young student, who loves literature like her.

“What leads to the fact that in a certain moment we can no longer resist, that’s interesting to see,” she added, emphasizing that a “big passion that’s so bright, at least for a brief moment”, ultimately translates into ” devastating.” The impact of such a story reached several people, including Chanelle’s two children and her husband.

A person around Evelyne Brochu went through a similar situation, but instead of sinking into passion, she offered the student a platonic relationship, saw him every week and made sure to leave the door open to avoid any ambiguity.

Lévi Doré, who is in high demand, plays the young, confident and vulnerable Sandrick who is raised by a dysfunctional, lying and alcoholic mother, played by Sophie Cadieux.

“It’s definitely a maternal instinct [Sandrick] see Chanelle. The two are in a situation that’s slipping, that’s serious, but it’s a love story, that’s the complexity of it,” said the 22-year-old comedian.

Sophie Cadieux is spoiled for choice as this complicated mother. “There are a lot of fights, she screams all the time […] The “fun” is also explosive for her,” says the actress.

Steve Laplante’s character Jeff, who is Chanelle’s husband, isn’t having as much fun. Cuckold, he even offers Sandrick a job at his grocery store, not knowing he’s sleeping with his wife. “It gets hit by a train and destroyed. Up until then there had been no deployment in his life.

Intimate scenes with respect and security

Because there are physical connections between the teacher and her student, we brought in an intimacy coordinator on set.

“There was a lot of respect. […] The energy was very focused on making everyone feel safe. But through that you have to find freedom for it to happen, it’s important, it’s at the heart of the series, it’s a great colorful, loving and erotic encounter,” said Evelyne Brochu, who felt that the way, intimate Shooting scenes has evolved in the right direction in recent years.

Chouchou, produced by Pass GO in partnership with Bell Media, will air on Noovo this fall. The series is co-directed by Marie-Claude Blouin and Félix Tétreault.

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