TV, home appliance and cell phone maker TCL launched several modern 5G smartphones earlier this year at significantly lower prices than other 5G phones from the competition. A classic strategy to position yourself well in the market.

Usually such budget devices require compromises, like that of the previously tried TCL device.

Compared to the latter, the 30 5G device has the same format, with a 6.7-inch screen, but is better off and slightly more expensive, $408 instead of $300, according to prices displayed at Videotron.

The materials are the same, in plastic, but the finish on the back is more opulent, like the Galaxy for quick comparison. And at the same size as the 30 XE, the battery is more generous, 5010mAh versus 4500mAh. Which is quite surprising considering its weight is only 184g versus 195g.

Another advanced feature, fingerprint unlocking, is done via the ignition button, as on certain iPad models, rather than a more classic sensor on the back. Of course, unlocking via face recognition is also possible. Advantages of fingerprint, unlocking can be done regardless of the position of the device or its case, and the screen also gets less dirty. In the test, digital unlocking is very fast, no question. On the other hand, the volume button is too close and can easily be confused.

Speaking of the screen, its resolution reaches 2400 x 1080, better than the 1600 x 720 of the XE model. Since both smartphones have an identical format, the 6.7-inch screen is larger thanks to thinner borders. The screen-to-body ratio is 91.6% compared to 89.5% for the 30 XE.

With the 30 XE and 30 models, it’s safe to say that the era of wide bezels on cheap phones is finally over.

Finally, the screen’s 60 Hz refresh rate ensures very good fluidity for all applications, but gamers prefer higher rates (up to 120 Hz).

An attractive, affordable and better 5G

Triple camera lens

The rear camera system consists of a 50-megapixel main lens, a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a 2-megapixel macro camera, while there is a 13-megapixel selfie on the front.

Overall, the performances remain very honest. All the features are there and the night photos are like those from cameras three years ago and more when the algorithms didn’t offer the same sophistication as they do today. As you can imagine, the images are pixelated, reminding us that these devices are phones first and foremost. I would have liked a bit more resolution than 2 Mpx for the two macro and depth sensors.

An attractive, affordable and better 5G

Generous battery, good autonomy

With a 5010mAh battery, you don’t have to worry about running out of power to get through a full and intense day or even two of normal use. And while there’s no wireless charging like on pricier devices, the 18W fast charge gets the device back up to speed quickly.

Finally, the memory has 4 gigabytes (GB), more than enough to run applications. In terms of storage, the 30 5G offers twice as much as the 30 XE or 128GB. The SIM card slot has a second slot for a microSD card of up to 1 terabyte or 1000GB if that’s what you prefer.

Privacy App

I don’t remember seeing this feature on other Android devices, but TCL offers the Privacy app. In short, you can move apps from the home screen to this private space, which you can only access by unlocking it by sliding two fingers up on the screen for a second.

Compared to the previously tried 30 XE model, this TCL 30 5G is certainly a little more expensive, but it is better and more homogeneous with double the memory, a better-looking and higher-resolution screen, a better battery capacity and unlocking by digital pressure.

An attractive, affordable and better 5G

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