Remember, in the early ’90s you might be walking the streets with a Walkman on your jeans and a Nintendo Game Boy in your hands. Marketed in France in the late 1990s, Nintendo’s Game Boy featured a vertical design (unlike its big rival, SEGA’s Game Gear), and despite its relative strength, the small console crushed the competition, selling tens of millions of copies worldwide.

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WideBoy: a Game Boy… horizontally?

For several years, the market for mobile consoles, which “mistake” especially on the Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch that obviously benefits from a horizontal format with a wide screen, just like Valve’s Steam Deck console or the PSP and other PS Vita before them. But what might our childhood Game Boy have looked like if it had taken a similar format?

That’s the question Obirux set out to answer by creating a Game Boy of the past but with a revamped design. A creation called Game Boy DMG-0B “Prototype”, which thus gives up the portrait format for a landscape format. To develop this “news“Game Boy, the creator had to sacrifice two original sleeves.

The original screen has also been replaced to make way for an IPS screen that offers superior display quality alongside a quality backlight and multiple video modes. No need to search for the 4 AA batteries needed to run the Game Boy as this new version features a Li-Ion battery. We find there, of course, the timeless directional cross, as well as the B and A buttons, without forgetting the small speaker that is always located in the lower right corner.

© Obirux

To the eye the result is very successful, with a first generation Game Boy finally adopting the design Nintendo adopted for the Game Boy Advance launched in the early 2000s. Remember that the first Game Boy featured a Z80- The Sharp processor was 4.1 MHz, coupled with 8 KB of RAM. The screen displayed an image in 160 x 144 pixels with 4 shades of gray. In short, not really enough to present itself as a monster of power in the early ’90s, which didn’t stop every gamer of the time coveting Nintendo’s nomadic console.

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