Katherine Levac celebrated his 33rd birthday on July 11th. On this occasion, his fiancee, Chloe Robichaud shared a sublime photo of the mother with her two twins.

The comedian immediately shared the snapshot on his Instagram page and us condom!

Everything is possible with you, even traveling abroad with 8-month-old twins.

Photo credit: @katherine_levac via IG

Happy birthday @katherine_levac. Everything is possible with you, even traveling abroad with 8-month-old twins. I like you ‘ we read in Chloé Robichaud’s publication.

Let’s remember that last June Katherine Levac presented his admirers with a huge gift. In fact, the comedian and host posted a memento photo of her high school days on her Instagram page.

My favorite movie was Wedding Crashers ‘ we could read in the caption below the publication.

We should also remember that Katherine Levac recently joined Binomiala brand new agency born out of a connection between Mo’Fat management and compass eyes.

The new company, in which the comedian is the very first artist, makes complementarity its vocation in management, administration and production.

When diving, your buddy is responsible for your survival, your safety net, the person you can rely on, with impeccable judgment for the team, and who will never take your eyes off you. For us, Binôme is as representative of the relationship we have between trusted partners as it is of the role we wish to play with the artists we represent. “, underlined Stephanie Moffat and Krista Simonau.

This new association is as unexpected as it is natural for me. Reshuffling the cards often allows a new perspective on things and is very exciting. I feel motivated, understood and confident. I can’t wait to convert these energies into projects added Katherine Levac.

The new mother confided all the more to the work-family balance on June 6th Marie Lyne Joncasduring an episode of Fabulous Spring by Marie-Lyne.

In fact, the comedian and presenter has spoken openly about what she and wife Chloé Robichaud are doing to balance their jobs and their roles as mothers.

Levac first explained that since the boys’ arrival, she hasn’t been that stressed out about her work:

You are not on vacation when you take care of children, it is much easier to be here [sur un plateau]. I haven’t slept since I became a mom because I don’t stress about the damn nonsense of shows, I’m not on it anymore. I feel really relaxed “.

It’s give and take [après le tournage de Chloé, Katherine ira tourner L’amour est dans le pré]that is, we are people who like to work, you are passionate, the same goes for me, but finally leaving every morning, not seeing the boys, that surprises us “, she added.

After all, we want to be with our children. We’re always asked when we’re coming back so we don’t ask ourselves when I want […] I’m not stressed about it “.

Then the comedian approached the shooting Complete high school diplomawhich was difficult for her because she was pregnant and no one knew about her pregnancy.

I’m gross, I’m a morning after, it seems all the time, you know, starting a pregnancy is gross because nobody really knows, you just seem out of place “.

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