Microsoft added the Ultimate Performance power plan to its list of Windows power plans starting with the April 2018 update. Microsoft allows Windows 11 users to create their own custom power plans, but there hasn’t been much advice so far.

Ultimate Performance power mode is not enabled by default on Windows 11. You have to take an extra step to activate it.

Azure server


This power plan is preferred on enterprise servers and workstations where performance is a priority. Microsoft removed all power saving and battery life options from this plan to focus specifically on getting your PC’s hardware and resources to the max. runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ultimate performance Power mode features

Starting with Windows 10 version 1803, the Ultimate Performance Power Mode is a preset power policy designed for high-end PC hardware to deliver the best possible performance at all times.

Key features of Microsoft’s Ultimate Performance Power Mode include:

  • The hard drive never turns off.

  • The Java timer frequency is set to maximum performance.

  • The power saving mode of the wireless adapter settings is set to Maximum performance.

  • The hard drive never sleeps.

  • Hibernate is set to Never.

  • Processor CPU power management is set to 100%

  • The display turns off after 15 minutes.

  • When playing a video, the video playback quality will be optimized to improve it (depending on the PC/device hardware).

The Ultimate Performance Power Plan helps eliminate micro-latency on your PC by prioritizing performance over efficiency.

Activate Ultimate Performance Power Mode on your PC

Follow these steps to activate the Ultimate Performance Power Plan on Windows. As a reminder, this power plan makes applications and games faster, but it also consumes more energy and more autonomy.

So if you are using this power plan on a laptop, you should make sure to keep it plugged in as this power plan drains the battery faster.

The Ultimate Performance power plan drains the battery much faster because it pools all available resources on your PC for the best possible performance.

Here’s what you need to do to activate it on your PC:

1. From the Windows 11 Start or Search menu, copy and paste the following command and click “Run as Administrator” to run it:

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

ultimate performance power mode
2. Open the Control Panel on your PC and navigate to Control Panel System and Security > Power Options.
ultimate performance power mode

3. Here you should see a new power plan “Ultimate performance” in the list of available options (you may need to open “See additional plans” under “Favorite plans” by clicking the down arrow). Click on Ultimate performance to enable and use power mode on your PC.
ultimate performance energy plan

Disable and remove Ultimate Performance

If you’ve been using Ultimate Performance power mode and found it doesn’t work well on your PC or causes other problems, you can turn it off just as quickly as you turned it on. Here’s what to do.

1. On your PC, open the Control Panel and navigate to System and Security > Power Options and select another power plan to use. Note: Windows won’t let you remove the Ultimate Performance plan if it’s your PC’s current plan.
ultimate performance power mode

2. After selecting a different power mode, click Change plan settings next to Ultimate Achievement.
How to enable Ultimate Performance power mode on Windows 10 and 11 to give your PC an extra boost - - July 6, 2022
3. Click Delete this plan then click OK to confirm that you want to remove Ultimate Performance power mode from your PC.
How to enable Ultimate Performance power mode on Windows 10 and 11 to give your PC an extra boost - - July 6, 2022

The final step will permanently remove Ultimate Performance power mode from your PC. If you wish to reset the Ultimate Performance Power Mode option, you will need to repeat the steps at the beginning of this guide to enable it again.

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