In this world one thing is for sure, there are honest people and there are less honest people. We all have a friend who we think is a hypocrite… But what if that friend is actually you?

Hypocrisy is faking an emotion or reaction that you don’t actually feel in order to make the other person believe what you want them to believe about what’s happening in front of you. It is pure and extravagant manipulation! So much so that we have all been hypocrites at some point in our lives, sometimes even with good intentions, this attitude is despicable because it hides the truth from those who are fooled by the situation.

Astro: Can astrology explain a person’s hypocrisy?

Astrology says that this attitude is the cause of a lack of loyalty and righteousness. The person wants to hide their true feelings for a willful reason in order to have more chances and opportunities.

The air element, the most capricious and changeable of all, can give natives in whom it predominates an annoying tendency to hypocrisy. Their morals differ at times, and their tendency to change their minds makes them difficult to believe. Their great intelligence and mastery of the intellect makes them clever tricksters.

Which zodiac signs are the most hypocritical and least trustworthy of the zodiac?

They are two and they know very well how to hide their true feelings from others!


Gemini is a clever and cunning prankster. The natives of this sign are often two-faced. This comes from the inherent and inevitable duality. They know very well how to use their communication skills, which allows them to convince even the wrongest of words with great ease! Their ruling planet has that sneaky side, and people of this sign are often influenced by this questionable trait. Beware, because while these friendly natives can be great company, they always have an ulterior motive. Geminis love to gossip, avoid venting in front of them!


Here we have an example of hypocrisy for the sake of it. This sign needs harmony and the consistent rounding of corners. They imagine that the truth, if it can be ugly and embarrassing at times, will avoid it at all costs. They will try to hide their feelings to make you think everything is fine, but watch out, often it isn’t! You can also feign sympathy for someone to avoid conflict. Venus, their ruling planet, is always looking for balance and this leads them to avoid awkward situations. Not really nice!

avoid pretense…

Far from being a virtue, hypocrisy obscures truths and creates false and fragile connections. The truth will always win in the end. Stay on the path of integrity and you will be happier!

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