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“7. July”, a film inspired by the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse is currently in post-production. In this short interview with Loop, model Raquel Pélissier, who plays the leading role, talks about her character, her experiences on set, her wishes for this film “according to international standards”…

The movie “7. July” is a feature film by Haitian director Robinson Lauvince, best known for “I Remember”, “Married Men”. filmmakers always wanted to “document what happens in [son] Land”, it was after the events that led to the death of Jovenel Moïse in 2021 decided to start this work, as he told Le Nouvelliste.

The feature film traces the President’s career from childhood to his arrival at the highest level of the state. The screenplay is by writer Gary Victor. The cast is mainly made up of Haitian personalities, such as the first runner-up of Miss Universe 2016, Raquel Pélissier, who stars alongside actors Fresnel Larosiliere, Paul Henry Athis, Caelle Jean-Baptiste or the young singer Jean Garmel Buteau, who will play the former president at his young age.

Below is a small exchange between our editors and the leading actress Raquel Pélissier about the “7. Juli,” which she wishes will “inspire.”[r] Haitian youth to rebuild Haiti”.

Loop: You recently released the film “7. July” announced in your social networks. What can you tell us about your role in this feature film?

Rachel Pelissier: I am the main actress of the movie July 7th. I play the role of a young woman named Shedeline, who is studying in New York and has decided to return to the country to develop her memorial project, the subject of which is the President who was assassinated last July 7.

Loop: According to the reactions on social media, it’s already a highly anticipated project. What should viewers expect from this film?

PR: July 7 isn’t a traditional film where you can predict what’s going to happen, and that’s what makes this feature film interesting. The production was very professional. The audience expects a film of international standard.

Loop: We know you among other things as a model, author and here we are about to discover the actress Raquel. Is this the beginning of an acting career?

PR: Actress I hope so. I would have liked to have continued in this profession. This is my very first film and I absolutely loved the experience. I hope my fans will appreciate this new facet of Raquel Pélissier.

Loop: What was your reaction when you were contacted for this film?

PR: Director Robenson Lauvince contacted me directly. By the way, I took some time before agreeing because I wanted to make sure it was a film that carried a message that would impact our community, especially the new generation. After understanding the director’s vision, I didn’t hesitate.

Loop: Moments that shaped you on set?

PR: I was really impressed by the professionalism of the production team. It’s really interesting to work in an environment where everyone has the same goal and our goal is for this film to find its way nationally and internationally.

Loop: This film has a high political significance, as the investigation into the assassination of the President is still ongoing. Aren’t you concerned that the main message might influence public opinion or even the legal process?

PR: There is certainly a political element to this film, but the tragedy of July 7th is also a historical fact. Most Haitians living in the country or abroad are still deeply confused by this event. I think this film has the power to rekindle hope for the future of our country.

Loop: What impact do you think July 7th would have on viewers?

PR: I wish this film would inspire Haitian youth to rebuild Haiti because they are the ones who will be the future leaders of this country.

Loop: Any final words for those reading this interview and waiting for the film?

PR: Be patient because you won’t regret it.

Interview by Raoul Junior Lorfils

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