“Responsibility for contraception does not lie solely with women,” believes Olivier Charbonneau

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William Theriault

William Theriault
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Olivier Charbonneau underwent a voluntary vasectomy at the age of 27. The École du Barreau student shared his story on Facebook on the brink of the Roe v. Wade in the United States. “The men have expressed little or no opposition to the decision. I wanted to start a discussion,” he said in an interview.

Olivier’s vasectomy did not meet with unanimous approval from those around him. It’s quite a rare practice for someone so young. Only 5.2% of men who undergo the procedure are under 30 years old, according to figures from Vasectomy Quebec, a clinic specializing in this type of procedure that receives 4,000 patients a year.

Many told him he was “too young” or “will regret it,” he said in a post shared hundreds of times on Facebook this week.

“Responsibility for contraception lies not only with women, but also with us men,” he replies.

“There is also a social aspect: my future partner was able to do without chemical methods as a result. I don’t want to impose this type of contraception,” adds the young man, who wants to avoid unwanted side effects for his partners.

The silence of the men

Like millions of people around the world, Olivier was “quite shocked” by the repeal of Roe v. Wade through the US Supreme Court, a decision that now gives all states the power to ban abortion on their territory.

However, he deplores the fact that it is mostly women and very few men who have risen to express their opposition to this “retreat”.


Oliver Charbonneau

They are rare, the men who spoke out against the event. Their reactions were almost non-existent, despite the importance of the law that had just disappeared. We have just prioritized the right of an unborn child over a woman’s right to vote.

Olivier Charbonneau, on the fall of Roe c. wade

“This right has existed here since 1989 with Daigle v. Tremble. What would happen if we lost it? It would be a clear setback. With [ma publication]I wanted to create a link to raise awareness [les gens] Alternatives to contraception. Men have an opportunity to play their part in taking responsibility for contraception. »

“Think in ultimate terms”

When he started a vasectomy last November, Olivier was prepared. He had been thinking about it since he was 24, had worked intensively on the subject and understood the risks of the operation.

“The physical impact is very small. It can only be relieved with Tylenol. And on a psychological level, it’s a decision that’s matured in my mind. It wasn’t impulsive. There was a journey, a reflection. So I had no shock, no surprise. I was more like: “I’ve finally made it!” »

Vasectomy is not the method of birth control that should be prioritized in young people, argues the Dright Michel Labrecque, one of the provincial specialists in this procedure. “I’m not saying it’s not possible to reverse a vasectomy. But the risk is too great and can cost thousands of dollars. So we have to think concretely. »

A few weeks ago, a 19-year-old guy came up to me… I said to him, “Look, no.” This is not the birth control method you should be considering [à cet âge].

The Dright Michel Labrecque, specialist in vasectomy

Olivier Charbonneau “is not closed to the idea” of having children. But he is fully aware that his vasectomy may be irreversible. Should he ever try to back down without success, the young man will remain comfortable with his choice. “I can still adopt,” he says.

At vasectomy Quebec, where Dr.right Labrecque, about 35% of the procedures are performed by men between the ages of 35 and 39, who have two children on average. “That’s my typical clientele,” he notes. Most of the patients are over 45 years old.

Regarding male contraception, the Dright Michel Labrecque would play patience.

“We don’t have anything yet, but we’ve been talking about it for 50 years. There is a gel that would be injected into the spermatic ducts being examined in Australia. It is manufactured by the American company Contraline. It won’t hit the market tomorrow, it could take years. The same applies to hormones,” explains the doctor.

“These are products that are currently in clinical trials. We won’t see that in 2022. »

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