When I met them on film sets in the early 2000s, Mylène Girard and Charles Vallières were a young and humble couple of dynamic and passionate artisans. Mylène was then responsible for the photography and Charles for the sets and special effects. A few years later they are somewhere else thanks to their creative genius…

Starting from almost zero, today they have established themselves in the field of designing and creating mounts and other accessories for all types of cameras. In addition, they are internationally successful, where almost all of their products are sold.

At human level

It all started in 2003 for Mylène and Charles during the filming of At human level Director Jean Claude Labrecque; a documentary about Prime Minister Bernard Landry during the election campaign.

For several weeks, the production team wanted to accompany Premier Landry on his activities and travels.

Premier Landry then accepted on the condition that filming be done with a very limited technical team and a small camera.

goal achieved

Professional cameras back then certainly had the advantage of stability, but they were giants. They took up a lot of space…

At that time, small digital cameras appeared on the market, but they did not impress with their stability and maneuverability; especially when it came to turning on the shoulder.

In the end, small camera rhymes with “anger”. A problem that Jean-Claude Labrecque wanted Mylène to solve with the help of her husband Charles, known for his craftsmanship.

The couple then sat at the drawing board to design and create the essential element for stability of a “miniature” camera in a shooting situation: an ergonomic camera mount.

And it worked ! Word of the young couple’s innovation then spread through word of mouth. Requests were pouring in from everywhere for equal support. This was the birth certificate of Mylène and Charles’ new career…

Faced with the success and growing demand for their artisanal product, in 2007 the two lovebirds decided to found SHAPE wlb, a company whose production started between the basement and the shed of their home.

Back then, they sold their products online and had annual sales of around $25,000.

But fifteen years later, SHAPE wlb has grown thanks to a solid international reputation. It has grown from the basement and barn into a mega company linked to the world’s largest camera manufacturers, producing accessories loved by a growing international clientele.

Annual sales of SHAPE wlb are now around $9 million.

Didn’t Henry Ford, another DIY enthusiast, say, “The obstacles are the things you see when you lose sight of the goal”?

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