Haven Studios will become the first Canadian studio for PlayStation, a development mecca where talent recruitment is the subject of intense competition. We too feel the benefit of having Jade Raymond as director: the address book is already working wonders and largely through word of mouth the team already has 106 employees, most of whom have worked for Ubisoft and/or Motive studios and/or. or Google Stadia. As we already knew, Haven Studios is working on a new license, which is one of the gaming services that Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to release in the coming years.

Founded during the pandemic, Haven Studios sees itself as a studio built for the modern world of development, going beyond tools optimized for working remotely. According to the new interview published on Games Industry, the studio has about twenty engineers specialized in the cloud to develop working methods that allow to be more productive in the management of gaming services. “That is our main goal: we want to make the development team more efficient and generate new ideas faster.says Jade Raymond.

We also learn that Mark Cerny, emblematic architect of PlayStation consoles since the PS4, has put his two cents in the organization of the studio and more specifically in its R&D department. “This not only has to do with the cloud, but also with future-oriented research and development. I can’t say too much right now, but that’s obviously one of the things that excites us about our partnership with PlayStation. Of course Mark Cerny is also a kind of rock star and the opportunity to work with him is really exciting.‘ comments Jade Raymond.

The director reminds that Haven Studios should not only work from home. Jade Raymond has already said that she believes in the advantages of working in an office, precisely because certain spontaneous exchanges often do not take place otherwise. So Haven Studios found premises in Montreal and found that more people than expected went there, even without having strict attendance rules in place. “Yes we have gotten used to being at home and we see the benefit of not being interrupted in our work but once people are in the offices they feel happier and leave strengthenedsays Jade Raymond.

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