Google’s Pixel 6 seems to be hit again by a bug of unknown origin. The problem this time concerns the screen, which displays strange black dots that grow alarmingly over time.

Pixel 6 (4)
Google Pixel 6 // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

The Pixel 6 isn’t its first problem and the list of bugs is unfortunately quite long. Users of the latest Google smartphones had the unfortunate surprise of discovering a new alarming problem. Black pixels suddenly appear on her screen without warning, and seem to get bigger and bigger over time.

Black spots that appear overnight

This issue was reported on Reddit, Twitter, but also on the Google support page. A Pixel 6 Pro user complains about the issue, stating that their device hasn’t been the subject of a fall or an update. In response, messages came indicating the same problem.

I had some dead pixels on the front camera. I didn’t drop the phone or damage the screen so I have no idea how it happened.

The repair was free under warranty, it just took forever lol. In the meantime, use my work Pixel 6 with my T-Mobile sim.

— Joe Hindy (@ThatJoeHindy) April 29, 2022

This black dot appears to appear in the upper-right corner of the smartphone for some, while for others it appears on the device’s front camera or elsewhere. According to some users, it could be dead pixels, so just disable it.

The error too many for the Pixel 6?

At this point it is impossible to know the nature of the problem, whether it is hardware or software. A hardware problem could force Google to recall certain smartphones in exchange for non-defective models.

If the complication turns out to be software-related, the company could do so a priori Fix it via an update, as was the case with a user who saw his blackhead disappear after installing the March security update on his phone.

Several bugs have marred the Pixel 6 experience in the past, and Google doesn’t seem to have come up with any real solutions to prevent its cascading anomalies. This could be one of the most serious issues on the phone yet, and some users might consider looking elsewhere unless the Pixel 7 performs much better this fall.

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