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Netatmo is a benchmark in the connected object market. This startup quickly gained notoriety after its sensational arrival in the industry until it was bought by the French company Legrand. Although now part of the group, it still benefits from a certain autonomy that allows it to continue innovating. Whether it’s with its attached thermostat or the rest of the range, it’s hugely popular with the general public. Even more so when she’s eligible for deals like today.

On the occasion of Prime Day, Amazon lowers the price of the entire Netatmo range, you have the opportunity to find the star references with very generous discounts, here is the whole list of the online retailer’s current offers.

To discover all the offers in the Netatmo range on Amazon, go here:

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All of these offers are not meant to last long on Amazon. And for good reason, Prime Day is an operation that spans only two days, Monday and Tuesday. After this date, the prices of products that are not sold out will normalize and you will have to wait several months before seeing them again at such a cheap price. However, it is expected that the entire Netatmo range will disappear before the end of this promotion.

Why fall for the Netatmo range?

Netatmo is one of the essentials on Amazon. Whether it’s Prime Day or Black Friday, its connected objects are always among the online retailer’s best-selling references. And with good reason, discounts can go as high as -50% on this type of occasion. Opportunities for users to pass the course in these days of discounts remain rare enough, this will happen on Monday.

If Netatmo is so popular, it is also because it is a startup that has belonged to a French group since 2018. Thus, it benefits from the influence and support of Legrand, but continues to innovate from its side, offering it the perfect compromise to unveil high-quality connected objects.

The other reason for Netatmo’s success is the connected objects themselves. If they allow to simplify daily life, their other goal is also to allow users to save energy or even secure their home. For this, the French startup offers devices that are very easy to install and then use.

I take advantage of the offers

Finally, the entire Netatmo range benefits from the usual guarantees on Amazon. So they are delivered free and fast, then you have 30 days to change your mind and return the product free of charge to receive a refund if you wish. We remind you that Prime Day is a promotion intended for members of the Prime program. The latter allows you to benefit from current offers but also from even faster delivery and its streaming services such as Prime Video and Prime Music.

What are the references of the Netatmo range?

Netatmo has several connected objects in its range. Among the most popular is the connected thermostat, the design of which was created by the famous Philippe Starck. Apart from its discreet aesthetics that allows it to be installed anywhere, its purpose is to allow you to manage your energy consumption in real time. This allows you to easily adjust the temperature after connecting to your boiler (using the mobile app for iOS and Android). He was voted top pick by the UFC Que Choisir in 2022, a testament to his interest and qualities.

Otherwise, the weather station is Netatmo’s other popular reference, it displays some useful information such as the temperature but also the humidity or the quality of the air in your home. According to these elements, it sends out recommendation notifications, for example, asking you to air to ensure better ventilation. In the same category there is also a rain gauge and anemometer to measure the amount of rain or the speed and pressure of the wind.

Finally, Netatmo also bets on surveillance cameras to be installed inside or outside your home, it’s perfect to consolidate your security during the summer holidays and afterwards. In any case, each connected object in this series is easy to install and then use, which is clearly one of the strengths of the brand.

Remember that the entire Netatmo range attracts many people, several references will no longer be available by the end of the day. With discounts of up to -50%, it’s now or never to check out these connected objects designed to simplify your life.

To discover all the offers in the Netatmo range on Amazon, go here:

I take advantage of the offers

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