Determined to assert its web browser against Chrome and other competitors, Microsoft Edge will enrich it with many handy features such as an image editor, a calculator, a dictionary and even a translator.

For many years, Microsoft managed to enforce its Internet Explorer web browser. An indispensable reference work for a long time, the tool gradually fell into disrepair. Repeated security breaches, slowness, bugs, crashes, lack of adaptation to new web standards… Internet Explorer eventually became the subject of much ridicule from Internet users and developers. Until its demise, recorded on June 15: After 27 years of faithful – but not necessarily good – service, Microsoft finally decided to bury Internet Explorer.

What is Microsoft Edge?

However, Microsoft has not left its operating system without a native web browser and has long since prepared its successor. Also, in 2015, the company launched Edge Legacy, a new browser based on a proprietary EdgeHTML engine that gets installed on PCs running Windows 10. Bitter failure. The browser does not bring the expected success. It was already past its time when it came out. It didn’t take extensions into account, had a few annoying bugs and above all, installed in the heart of Windows, it prevailed all too often even if it wasn’t configured as the default browser. So much so that a large proportion of internet users only used Edge to download another browser, as was already the case with Internet Explorer.

But 2020 change of strategy at Microsoft. Edge Legacy is being abandoned in favor of…Edge (Microsoft has always been very good at creating confusion). Finish the in-house EdgeHTML engine. Edge adopts Chromium this time, the same base as Google Chrome. A capital and clear decision that finally opens the way to success. In addition to the many similarities with Google Chrome (classic interface, less chaotic tab management, etc.), Edge obviously allows synchronization with Microsoft accounts. Like Chrome with Google accounts, it offers direct access to the tools of the Microsoft 365 online suite. So much so that in April 2022, Microsoft was ranked third on the world podium for web browsers, all media combined, according to StatCounter. ) behind Google Chrome, still at the top, and Safari, but ahead of Firefox.

It must also be said that Microsoft fights with all fonts, since its browser is of course available for Windows, but also for macOS, iOS, Android and even Linux. In addition, Microsoft does not miss the slightest opportunity to enforce Edge as the default browser on Windows. For example, queries in the Windows search box will inevitably open Edge as soon as the results appear on the web. In addition, it is still impossible to remove Edge from Windows if it would endanger the stability of the system.

Microsoft Edge 103: What’s new?

Fast, stable, efficient and open to developers who can dedicate extensions to it (like Google Chrome), Edge nevertheless remains the object of all the attention of Microsoft, which devotes regular updates to it. So the new version 103 (which also bears the same number as the latest version of Chrome available…) brings its share of new features mainly oriented towards the world of gaming.

A new gaming area. By default, Edge’s home page focuses on a range of news (business, health, TV, sports, etc.). Version 103 adds a gaming tab. On the program, of course, are news about video games, but also direct access to your streaming games for users who have subscribed to Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription gaming service. Note, however, that this feature is not yet implemented in France. A simple matter of time.

Access to small online games. A new button appears on the toolbar. Soberly called Games, it offers access to many small games to while away the time, such as the incorrigible Solitaire, Mah-Jong or even Minesweeper. The Games button is not enabled by default. Go to settings Looks to section Buttons to display on the toolbar implement it.

Improved display quality. clarity boost. This is what Microsoft calls the Edge function, which makes it possible to increase the sharpness of games in online games via the browser. Once the game (compatible) has started, it is enough to activate it via a menu.


A less greedy mode. Edge already allows tabs to be paused when they’re not showing to limit resource consumption. Version 103 of the browser pushes the plug further, allowing to automatically reduce its activity as soon as it detects the start of a game, leaving the maximum available memory (Ram), processor and graphics resources. The option must be activated in the browser settings in the System and Performance area.

Microsoft Edge: What new features are planned?

Microsoft will not stop on such a good path to perfect its browser that captures the animal’s hair. Some new tools are expected in the next releases.

Convenient Utilities. A calculator, a unit converter, and even a connection speed testing tool should appear in the browser in the next few weeks. A dictionary and a translator are also on the program, although we don’t know the date of their integration.

An image editor. To save time and not having to open the Photos app that comes with Windows when it comes to quickly retouching an image, Edge is also said to integrate a quick retouching tool. According to Leopeva64-2, an active member of the Reddit platform and on the lookout for Microsoft news, this feature would include some tools present in the publisher’s Photos app.

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