See you this Monday night from midnight to take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day deals. The French e-commerce leader gave us some great deals back on Monday. Here is the list of all current tips.

Prime Day starts at midnight this Monday evening : Amazon plans to flood the internet with thousands of bargains. These are only reserved for visitors who are Prime members: if you are not already part of the community, you can benefit from a 30-day trial period (free of charge). From then on you can take advantage of all these references at incredible prices. Prime Day runs from July 12-13, 2022.

Even before the start of the operation, Amazon revealed some great deals. Own brands such as Ring, Echo or Kindle have fallen in price by up to -80%. And that only applies to high-tech, because all categories are affected. If you want to do business, you must 1) have a Prime account and 2) go to the Amazon website.

Check out Prime Day deals

Become a Prime member

Some of you might not be brave enough to tackle Amazon’s hundreds of pages of Prime Day deals. For them we have made a list of all the things that we consider essential on this first day of surgery. The list will be updated as new listings drop and depending on stock shortages. On some models, everything disappears in a few minutes.

Prime Day offers:

All offers can be found here:

Check out Prime Day deals

For 48 hours and until Wednesday evening we regularly update the available offers. Prime Day is an endurance race, you have to be patient. In any case, don’t expect reduction percentages to increase over time: they won’t. The risk with this strategy is that the products in the catalog disappear due to stock shortages. This has always been the case in recent years.

In France, several million people have their Prime subscription. So many people will try to get their hands on discount products from reputable brands like Apple, Philips or iRobot. It will be necessary to be quick because the latest models leave in a few seconds. When a recent iPhone is advertised at a bargain price, it can be gone in seconds.

Prime Day: Amazon relies on own brands

As on Black Friday last year, Prime Day focuses on the Seattle Group’s own brands. We therefore find very strong discounts on all Echo devices. These are more or less portable speakers that will allow you to use your voice assistant Alexa. Depending on their size and characteristics, you can use them as speakers to listen to music or as an interface on a screen. They are available up to -70% cheaper than the standard price.

We also love all of the Amazon e-readers that are discounted for Prime Day. This affects the entire Kindle range, from the standard version for 39 euros to premium versions such as the Paperwhite. The latter falls below the fateful 100 euro mark at 89 euros and is perfect for the summer. It is waterproof and its screen adapts to all environments. You can easily get 50% off for the first day of this great Prime Day.

Continuing with Amazon products, there is also the Fire TV Stick 4K Max which is available at a reduced price. The latter allows you to stream content in 4K to your screen, for example from a smartphone. It’s a bit on the same principle as Google’s Chromecast, but it’s a lot more advanced. He also loses 50% on the bill, which at this price is a very good deal. For Prime Day, Amazon really is king across all of its devices.

We could continue the list of good Prime Day deals with other Amazon brands (Ring, Blink, eero…). However, starting this Monday at midnight, we can expect other, even more prestigious brands. As usual, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Xiaomi or Huawei should be there. They’ve always been available on Prime Day since 2015, there’s no reason this year should change.

Amazon wants to make its Prime Day successful as the context for e-commerce grows more complicated. Sales of smartphones and computers have been in free fall since the beginning of the month. It must be said that the resumption of inflation is disadvantageous for households. However, you can save money on all themes on Prime Day, it’s a good time to shop cheaper. Instead of waiting for the school year to start, you might as well save -30 or -40% on July 12th and 13th, 2022.

Check out Prime Day deals

A right to change your mind

In France, e-merchants are required to give customers at least 14 days to cancel, return the product and receive a refund. This also applies at times when products are offered at reduced prices. Amazon goes even further as it even offers 30 days to change your mind. So, as soon as you receive your package at home, you can think about it objectively. Sometimes during operations like Prime Day we buy a little too quickly and can then regret our choice.

Fortunately, this is why this right of withdrawal exists. Prime Day is forcing customers, even Prime members, to rush. Stock levels are very low and could disappear at any second. The Amazon site often does not explicitly show the number of models in stock. As soon as there are less than 10 left on a reference, things can go very quickly. Until you validate and pay for your cart, the product is not yours.

The list we made above will be updated in real-time as the opportunity arises. We invite you to return to this page regularly to discover the offers not to be missed. Amazon has promised plenty of surprises for Prime Day, we can’t wait to discover them. We will share them with you as soon as they appear on the retailer’s website.

To make Prime Day tonight, here it is:

Check out Prime Day deals

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