In this role, I’ll show you How to block websites in Chrome on PC and Android phones. Google Chrome could be called the Browser King as one of the most widely used and feature-rich web browsers in the world. Managing various aspects of website browsing, data backup, downloading, etc. is extremely easy in Chrome.

The greatest capability of Chrome’s web browser is that users of this software can customize their networking habits to support their searching minds. Users can browse a variety of search-related aspects, block other websites from opening and appear everywhere.

However, blocking a website in Chrome can be very fun and useful for some users. Unfortunately, blocking websites via Chrome isn’t easy, but an approach must be used.


What you will learn in this guide:

How to block websites on Chrome Desktop

The best and easiest way to block a website in Chrome is to download some Chrome website blocker extensions. Well, there are many Google Chrome extensions available on the Google Chrome Web Store to block websites. These extensions are really very easy to set up. You just need to install in your chrome browser and add urls to block list to block these websites. However, we recommend the Website Blocker extension for Google Chrome.

website blocker

Site Blocker is one of the most popular and popular extensions on Google Web Store that allows users to block any website of their choice. Chrome extension offers users the simplest and easiest way to block websites. What makes the extension more important is that it has password protection, can block websites by subdomains, and can block websites by regex javascript.

Download Website Blocker

Step 1. Go to Google then search a Chrome online store. Then click the first link to open it.

How to block websites in Chrome on PC/Desktop and Android Mobile

2nd step. in the search extension barin the top left corner, type website blocker Then, press ENTER.

How to block websites in Chrome on PC/Desktop and Android Mobile

Step 3. Here you can see different website blockers. You have to find them website blocker through Soft site blocker. Then click Add to Chrome.

How to block websites in Chrome on PC/Desktop and Android Mobile

step 4. Click on add extensions.

How to block websites in Chrome on PC/Desktop and Android Mobile

step 5. After adding a website blocking extension, the Block website icon appears at the top right hand corner next to your profile icon. Click on it and then select the options page.

How to block websites in Chrome on PC/Desktop and Android Mobile

step 6. Here, go in the website(s) you want to block in Chrome after this click Add to then click Save Changes.

iMarkup 20191227 155735 min

To unblock any website in Chrome, click Block website icon then select at the top right Options page.. Click on that fewer icon and then click save Changes.

iMarkup 20191227 155911 min

How to Block Websites on Chrome Android (Mobile)

If you regularly browse the web through Chrome on your Android device, you may need to block these websites to ensure greater productivity at any time of the day. To block specific websites on Chrome Desktop or PC, we used Site Blocker Extensions for Chrome. For Android mobile devices, you need to download the app. How to use it via mobile to block specific websites on your smartphone:

Step 1. open that Google play store and install the “BlockSite” Application.

Download BlockSite from the Play Store

2nd step. open the”BlockSite” Application.

How to block websites in Chrome on PC/Desktop and Android Mobile

Note: Open the BlockSite app on your mobile device and tap “Go to Settingsif asked. The app will take you to the app settings for your phone. To take control of your browser and block websites you don’t want to see, you need to enable the feature. Find this app and tap it in your settings list. Either you will be prompted “enable‘ the application, or you will be prompted to ‘use’ the service.

step 3. Press green + icon in the lower right corner of your mobile screen to block websites.

iMarkup 20191227 154928 min

step 4. Here you will see a new page where you can either a website or a laptop application by entering their name in the search bar. So, to block one or more websites, select WEBSITE then enters full URLs of the website you want to block and you see a green tick on the top right corner of your screen becomes available. water tap and you have successfully blocked this website.

iMarkup 20191227 155018 min

Whenever you want to open the blocked website in Chrome, you will see that this website is blocked by BlockSite.

Screenshot 20191227 154357 BlockSite min

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So this feature was all about blocking websites in Chrome on desktop and Android devices. If you read this feature, you must have understood how easy it is to block websites in Google Chrome browser. There are a few other extensions you can try like StayFocusd, Block Site: Website Blocker for Chrome, and Waste No Time.

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