Mobile battlefields in Indiacommonly called BMIis a Battle Royale Game available in India and is the country exclusive version of the global hit game PUBG mobile. Since its highly anticipated release on the July 2, 2021, the game has endured many turbulent times and welcomed millions of players across the country. Having covered a full year and celebrated its one year anniversary, we will look at the various accomplishments and achievements that BGMI has achieved, as well as what could have been done better.

The BGMI launch party got off to a good start

That Sports The game’s community is perhaps the most popular thing about the game, aside from the gameplay itself. Hype around it has been at its highest since the game’s release, with large fan bases from multiple teams and players waiting when they compete for an official trophy to take home.


The first tournament took the form of a friendly invitation called the BGMI launch party and was won by the IND team after sheer dominance over the two matchdays. Unlike when PUBG Mobile was still playable in India, BGMI has seen an increase in the number of unofficial prize pool esports tournaments competing with official tournaments. Online streaming platforms such as Loco, Rooter and YouTube hosts such as Villager Esports, Upthrust Esports were among the main organizers.

We were also at the very first edition of the BGISand Skylightz Gaming became the first national champions. Since then, players have seen it too BMOC and BMP is hosted, resulting in the reinvigorated Team Soul as dominant champions.

First Anniversary of Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI’s Reception in India

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The game had one of the best, if not the best, receptions in the Indian games market. Millions and millions of people flocked to get the game as soon as it was released, causing the servers to go down temporarily due to the heavy traffic at the same time. The game, which has been consistently delayed by around six months and more, had reached the peak of public anticipation, which is the reason for its racy debut.

The results chart is on the rise, but still not enough exclusive content

Within the first month itself had witnessed the game 2.4 million peak competing players. Since then, downloads have been declining, averaging nearly 3 million monthly downloads. Now, if we look at the revenue chart, we can see that the revenue growth is pretty decent. But relative to revenue growth, we don’t see any exclusive in-game content for BGMI.

For example the Korean version, PFM or the chinese version of the game has many more exclusive events and skins that cannot be found anywhere else. When BGMI was released the same treatment was expected, but it was repeatedly shunned by such attention, and sometimes even less than the regular global release.

We understand that the ARPU (average revenue per user) is low in the Indian market, but given the overall revenue, Indians may be expecting better exclusive content. Revenue has grown to over $1 million in the last 3 months. According to data presented in AppMagic in April, BGMI generated its highest monthly revenue ever, overall $1,272,297 (10 crore 10 lakh INR) made it in May $1,189,155 (9 crore 44 lakh INR), and in June the figure was $1,221,722 (9 crore 70 lakh INR). If even after that the Indians don’t get the love they deserve from the development team, that’s definitely a frustrating factor.

Game optimization could have been better

Despite a sensational reception from the millions of fans who were waiting for the game, a number of numerous problems soon arose in the game that drove players and developers into the wall. Poor optimization, abrupt frame drops, absurd ping, and desync were some of the most annoying issues in the game. Players often found the game unplayable for the above reasons, as even simple things like picking up a gun to shoot during heated battles resulted in it becoming a pain to deal with.

Around the first anniversary, BGMI players experienced Server outrage for long hours in a single day. In the first phase the game was interrupted for almost 12 hours and in the second phase the servers were unavailable for almost 3 hours.

Hackers turn out to be smarter than anti-cheat measures

Swing prohibition system 2.0
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Another even more important problem has emerged, which is the ever-increasing number of hackers. It’s so widespread that it’s become common to see more than one hacker fighting in the same match at the same time. Flying cars, headshots from moving vehicles, damage to cover, the pain was endless.

This resulted in a large number of players either dropping the game or switching to other games for the time being. Even the official BGIS tournament was late because the pirates were there too. The developers have gradually implemented Anti-Cheat Measures in the game that dealt with the majority of pirates. Although they still exist, the number is much smaller. Other than that, the game’s overall rating was good.

The first game to be televised in India

BGMI is the first esports game out there broadcast live on television and came with its own condiments. Even if the music production was a bit exaggerated and the casting seemed a bit listless at times, the NODWIN team did a commendable job overall. Considering it was the first of its kind, casting and casting went relatively smoothly and seamlessly, showing that the parties involved were certainly up to the task.

Previous BGMI cooperations

In the last year of its existence, BGMI worked together with very important brands and programs, including car brands such as McLaren, lamborghini, and You are hereand other brands such as Godzilla vs Kong, Liverpool FC, Etc

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1st Anniversary Collaboration
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These collaborations contributed a lot to the popularity of the game and made it very popular, like even Elon Musk himself tweeted about it. It also secured the company a good amount of revenue from in-game payments from people who spent huge sums of money to get the premium skins.

Wait, where’s the special birthday present

There’s no special anniversary mode or exclusive skins like the other releases, which has understandably angered some players who have set their expectations higher. BGMI offers nothing special except a Small event in game and a birthday hall. Even more surprisingly, there hasn’t been a single announcement on any of the official social media handles.

Final Thoughts

Although statistically very successful, the game is plagued by internal problems. Delayed developer response time is one of them. Players have often indicated that they don’t want new modes every season, but rather a completely flawless experience with older events rotating from time to time.

Many players abandoned the game due to the outdated and saturated gameplay and problems with the mechanism and the fate of pirates. To continue the game Krafton needs to stop taking BGMI for granted and take steps to ensure they are attentive to the needs of the player base.

What do you think of the first anniversary of the BGMI? Let us know in the comments below!

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