Halo Infinite co-op is finally landing soon! The date is scheduled for mid-July, with early access available for members of the Halo Insider program. The developers had already said that they wanted to target the week of July 11th (and therefore this week) and stick with it.

Co-op release of Halo Infinite in Early Access this summer

The Halo Infinite co-op campaign should be available the week of July 15th, just a few days away. Some had understood that it would be released on July 11th, but the studio never said so. Today, Brian Jarrard shares with us the studio’s progress on this Halo Infinite cooperative beta.

The team is still working on our next version of Flight Insider in Halo Infinite online co-op. Although we’ve always said that our “goal is the week of July 11th,” many sites simply label it as “starting July 11th.” I’m still hoping it will be for this week but it won’t start today.

Brian Jarrard adds that the latest tests conducted have uncovered a number of issues and the team is working to resolve them. “We’re still aiming for this week, but the work goes on day by day. Thank you for your patience and understanding. »

Scores in co-op mode apply to all players

The Halo Infinite co-op campaign does not require a separate save. It is of course possible to create a coop backup, but the coop mode could very well serve as the main progression in the game.

Likewise, progression of both players throughout the campaign will be identical regardless of who is the leader of the game. “I’ve played a number of co-op games where player 2’s progress just didn’t matter and I’ve always found it disappointing.”, says Isaac Bender, software engineer at Halo Infinite. All progress made in the game, whether solo or in co-op, will therefore be preserved.

I can play the solo campaign, switch to a co-op session for a few hours, and then return to solo play and all mission progress, collectibles collected, gear found, achievements earned, and upgrades made in both sessions would be intact . Gone are the days of playing someone else’s game without making any progress.

So if you’re really having trouble collecting a skull on your own, you can join a co-op session with a friend and if he collects it while you’re in that session, you get it too!

In terms of the different platforms, we now have confirmation that the co-op mode will be exactly the same on Xbox and PC and that any combination of PC and Xbox up to 4 players will be supported, as well as playing on Xbox Cloud Gaming. All co-op games are hosted on dedicated servers.

A limit in range between different players

When asked if one player can go on a mission while another delivers a camp to a different location on the map, the answer is yes. However, there is a limit so that the players do not move too far apart. The developers at 343 Industries call this the Area of ​​Operation, it’s the maximum distance players can move away from each other in a Fireteam when exploring and completing Halo Zeta challenges.

If you stray too far from your fireteam, you will receive a warning to rejoin the team. If you ignore this warning and continue, you will be eliminated and respawn with your closest teammate.

The warning radius was set at 800 feet or about 243 meters. And when a player reaches 1000 feet (about 300 meters), they are eliminated to return to a point closer to their allies.

New achievements to unlock

Who says the co-op campaign says new achievements to unlock in Halo Infinite! Without giving many details for now, the developers tell us that the new achievements are aimed at the possibilities offered by replaying missions and the co-op itself.

Some achievements to unlock present challenges to complete and others play more on team play. For example, one of the new achievements asks you to eliminate an enemy with a gravity hammer from the back of a vehicle driven by your friend.

As a reminder, you must be enrolled in the Halo Insider Program to participate in July’s Halo Infinite Co-op Early Access. This will then be open to all during the month of August if all goes according to plan.

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