Unity is strength. On social media, this adage takes on its full meaning with new features that put the spotlight on collaboration. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now Twitter have all given way to collaborative content. We are picking up on this trend, which is further strengthening communities and boosting advertising on social networks.

Again, TikTok is driving this trend. The Chinese giant has popularized collaborative content with its “Duo” option, which allows publishing content with another user’s video already present in the application. Content that promotes exchanges between users.

Given the success of the application, the already established social networks have in turn taken an interest in this dynamic to restart engagement on their platform. The newest? Twitter with its collaborative tweets. This option named ” CoTweet‘, allows you to invite another Twitter user to contribute to the creation of a tweet.

The new option will only be available for certain accounts in the United States, Canada and South Korea for a limited time. Twitter hasn’t specified the criteria for accessing this feature, which is still being tested.

Posting a “CoTweet” posts the tweet to both affected accounts. The name and profile picture of both accounts appear at the top of the tweet.

Therefore, in order to create a collaborative tweet, the user can select the option that will send an invitation to the user concerned to accept the creation. Note that once the tweet is created, it is not possible to change it once the invite has started. However, if the Guest rejects the CoTweet, it will be automatically deleted and if they change their mind after the CoTweet has been posted, they can remove their name at any time, which will turn the content into a normal Tweet and delete it from their account. .

Users can only co-tweet with their followers who have a public profile.

Instagram had already jumped on the collaboration train in 2021 and had again been inspired by TikTok. Meta’s social network launched its “Remix” option for its Reels format, its popular short videos, a copy-paste of TikTok’s Duo option. However, the social network already allowed to publish collaborative posts in the news feed. An option commonly used by content creators and celebrities to promote branded products or events. An option that was also launched on Facebook at the end of June 2022.

Snapchat also recently announced the ability to post shared stories. A great way to increase user engagement across platforms while highlighting collaboration between influencers and brands, allowing for better content monetization.

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