Apple would choose the name Pro for its new Apple Watch, intended for extreme sports enthusiasts. This new version, with a larger screen and sturdier body, would also push another model towards the exit.

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Tick-tock, the time for something new is slowly approaching for Apple. The company would add the Apple Watch Series 8 to its catalog of connected watches again this year, and the Cupertino company would be expecting a new version of the Apple Watch. An arrival that would also lead to a departure.

A more robust model for the professionals

According to Mark Gurman, the journalist of Bloomberg, A more robust model of the Apple Watch would be introduced this year and it would be a watch for extreme sports enthusiasts.

This version would have a new larger screen and increased shock resistance. It would be based, among other things, on an extended autonomy, a heavier case made of a stronger metallic material (which would therefore not be aluminum) and offer better monitoring of certain activities in correlation with the new activity intensity metrics announced for watchOS 9.

According to Gurman, this Apple Watch would be presented as an alternative to the more expensive models favored by certain athletes:

This watch is designed to appeal to extreme athletes and anyone who would otherwise buy a high-end Garmin sports watch for intense workouts. I also think the bigger screen, bigger battery and metal design will make it appealing to anyone who just wants the most advanced Apple Watch. »

The Pro designation would align with Apple’s current portfolio of offerings, which already offers products with that name for MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and AirPods as high-end versions of the categories.

The end of the Apple Watch Edition?

It would also include the new S8 chip expected for the next Apple Watch models, which under a new name and with a very slightly revised performance would be almost the same as the 7 and 6 Series. This Apple Watch would have too Claiming a body temperature sensor, and it also mentions the possible presence of a new low consumption mode.

In terms of price, of course it would be at the top of the Apple Watch range and it would cost around $900 or even $999 to be entitled to all these new features.

always acc Bloomberg, this newcomer would mark the end of another model, the Apple Watch Edition. Historically, these offered cases made of “more noble” materials (stainless steel, ceramic or, more recently, titanium). But it was notably offered at a much higher price point, similar to what was expected for the upcoming “Pro” model.

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