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Eric Le Francois

Eric Le Francois
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When the engine stops

Why do new cars’ engines die when they’re stationary? This feature cannot be turned off… I’m told it’s for the sake of the environment, but restarting a car takes more energy. I don’t understand this engine stop…

Suzanne B

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who hates this device. Americans in particular curse it and beg manufacturers to withdraw it. However, this device leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. In fact, this automatic stationary shutdown device can reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption by up to 8% in certain road conditions, according to the latest study by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). This feature can be disabled on most vehicles, but you must disable it every time you drive.

A request from New Brunswick


The Volkswagen ID.4 will adopt V2H technology.

We want to buy an electric car in the near future. We own a 2017 Lexus NX 200 with 90,000km on the clock. Our project consists of installing solar panels on our new residence and taking advantage of the “net metering” offered by our electricity supplier. We also anticipate that the batteries of this new electric car will be our source of energy in the event of a power grid failure, a V2H car. Our criteria are: approx. 500 km range, sufficient charging capacity (30-45 minutes), four-wheel drive and V2H technology, same size as our current vehicle and eligibility for government programs. Is it possible ? According to my research, this car does not yet exist on the market. But do you think it could happen in the next three or four years? We are patient and will know how to wait.

Eloi D

Nobody will accuse you of not knowing what you are looking for. Your research is good, no vehicle on the market meets all your criteria. However, some are close to bringing them together. For example, Volkswagen’s management has announced that the ID.4 will adopt V2H technology in 2023 (this allows you to power your home with your vehicle). In addition, the South Korean group Hyundai (Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, Genesis GV60) promises further features for its electrified platform (codename E-GMP) in the near future. Tests are currently underway with V2H technology in Germany and more with V2G (this time solar energy) in the Netherlands.

Nobody likes the answer


Honda Odyssey

My son and his wife are expecting a third child. So you need to get a used car (not an SUV!) that has room for three child seats. Your budget is rather limited, but reliability and low fuel consumption are the first criteria.

Danielle L

Not an SUV, all the better, because the best vehicle for your family is: the van. Your son and his wife won’t like this answer (in my day I didn’t like it either) but it’s the perfect vehicle with easy access (sliding doors), a fully and easily modular interior. To meet the required criteria, we suggest you direct your research to the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey.

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2022 Toyota Tundra

We are looking for a vehicle to tow a £7000 trailer which is three months a year. Currently we are interested in the new Tundra from 2022. However, what makes me hesitant is the fact that it is a completely new engine/transmission. Have you come across any comments that this may not be the best choice for my needs? Especially when driving in mountainous terrain.

Marc-Andre O.

A good choice is the Tundra, especially in its hybrid version that can tow 12,000 lbs. That should be enough. But why bother with such a vehicle three months a year? There are currently specialized companies in Quebec that offer short and medium-term rentals of pickups. The planet and your finances will be better off for it.

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