Just wanna hear hits on the Plains of Abraham? Maroon 5 got the message right. Faced with a merry crowd asking for nothing better, Adam Levine’s band threw an intense pop party last night with dark tunes banned on the Plains of Abraham.

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As with country singer Luke Combs’ event visit the day before, the Plains were packed with Maroon 5 for this rare visit to Quebec – and the first to the summer festival.

We had an avalanche of success. The program featured 20 songs, and all were, without exception, radio hits and have reached the top of the charts over the two decades of the California band’s prolific career.

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With that much ammo, Maroon 5 could afford to set off a first bomb as soon as she took the stage, the irresistible one Moves like Jagger. Guaranteed connecting effect or your money back.

From then on, the successes followed one another at breakneck speed. Of this lovewe followed Stereo Heartsthen to One more night and to Animals, and so on for 90 min. A rolling fire.

Downtime was forbidden, except for a brief acoustic segment in which the Plains, lit by tens of thousands of cellphones, shone with a thousand lights in a beautiful moment of communion payphone.

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As the king of collaborations, the group had also summoned rappers Future and Cardi B through a pre-recorded video sequence Cold and girls like you.

Levine on fire

Dressed softly like a guy just released from prison, Adam Levine had enough energy and perfectly played his role as the leader of the crowd.

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He was on fire. Better he seemed to stumble. Was this the same guy whose halftime performance at the Super Bowl got mixed reviews?

You should have seen him screamYes, Yes, Yes» like a man while unleashed Cold. When they were more discreet, the other members of the group did a brilliant job. Some guitar solos even gave the band’s performance an unexpected rock edge.

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“Can we all come back here? f… year?” went so far as to ask Adam Levine, a request that only fueled the crowd more.

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He must have been serious because he repeated his request twice more during the encore, specifying that when he returns next year he would like to have a platform in the middle of the floor where he can meet the fans.

“I don’t want to be on stage, I want to be in the crowd,” he said before finishing with one sugar festive as you wish.

Emotional Alicia Moffet

She is on stage like on Instagram: an open book that shares everything she feels and experiences.

[EN IMAGES]    Maroon 5 on FEQ:

Awaited by several staunch admirers, Alicia Moffet had raw emotions yesterday in the first part of Maroon 5. “I need all my spare change to keep from crying,” she confided.

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She will have had the credit for managing her emotions well because, frankly, there is nothing wrong with her performance. Vocally, she has shown that she can push the note. His sensitive interpretation of strangers was eloquent proof of this.

While his R&B and soul-influenced pop works well on stage, a few more danceable tracks in the vein of should be addedopen your mindwould be another perk in this artist’s game that we’ll be following closely.

Gayle: Anything that needs to be loved

Texan Gayle is only 18, but she already has a sense of showmanship that eludes artists who have been rolling around for decades.

Armed with her guitar and a beefy forehead, she planted herself in front of the tens of thousands waiting for Maroon 5 and threw her muscular pop songs, which deal with teenage love troubles, with an amazing punk energy. .

After the third piece you’re just horny, she was already out of breath. It must be said that one song earlier she ran from one side of the stage to the other for no apparent reason.

Gayle even had the delicacy of wrapping himself in a Quebec flag along the way.

At the end when she pulled out the arsonist ABCDEFU, the title that made him famous via TikTok, everyone sang and danced. The plains had fallen.

Dizzy: Hooray for the vino

On Friday, Luke Combs stirred up the crowd with a few pints. Last night, singer Katie Munshaw of Ontario group Dizzy, who kicked off pop night, got the same kind of enthusiastic reaction as she swallowed the contents of a mug of red wine.

Unlike the country star, it was the only time the audience was animated during an overall monotonous performance. Strong enough to earn it a Juno, which was awarded to alternative album of the year 2019, the dreamy pop of Dizzy as delivered on the boards lacked clout.

At least there was the vino.

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